Soul Journeys

I am delighted to provide Ecotherapy-based learning experiences for you  - rooted in Jungian psychology, Eastern thought, in a space of respect and honour for Indigenous ways - past, present and future - as we dig deeper for understanding of this life and our own existence. 

Ecotherapy is an emerging means of creating a healing space to help a person connect with his/her/their own precious Self. 

By attending and attuning to the presence of the natural world, in daily life, in our dreams and psyches - clients follow their own inner guidance and intuition to deepen meaning, clarify dilemmas, find emotional balance and peace of mind, and strengthen a relationship of trust in a higher power - congruous with one's own values, beliefs and cherishings. 


Humble Mouse Counselling offers Ecotherapy as an antidote to the chaos, anxiety and persistent terror of the Anthropocene which is causing so much suffering.

Aniko Yazmin Lewis, M.Sc. in Counselling/Specialization in Clinical Mental Health.