Aniko Y. Lewis CEO

With the heart to help - as well as the clinical expertise to provide care and support to accompany you on your life's journey  - I welcome you to my independent practice and hope you find what you are looking for. 

In my role as a counsellor, therapist, mentor, teacher and consultant - I believe in the power of art and imagination to create the change we need. I use intuition as a precious instrument to steer us through the process of healing and change-making that you may be seeking.

Compassion is my guide, and I am so proud to bring a wealth of research, education, clinical experience, passion for change, and a delight in relational work - all for your benefit as I accompany you along your journey.

     Talk Therapy, Therapy for Children, and Couples Therapy for private clients.

     Classes, Small Groups & Workshops - for everyone. 

     Mentoring and Consulting work for families, nurses, teachers, therapists, & artists.      

As a dedicated, trained clinician, I promise to create an alliance in the spirit of kindness, dignity and trust. I offer many years of experience and work within the sound ethical framework of my counselling profession.

It is my pleasure to share my gifts with you, in this therapeutic work. You may choose to have as many sessions or classes as you like, for as long as you wish. You can begin with just one.


Humble Mouse Counselling for Change helps with a range of problems along a continuum of mental health needs. It is a privilege to work with adults, children, young adults, students, couples, families, and blended families who seek support and empowerment. 

We welcome LGBTQ clients, and clients of all ages, faiths and cultural belongings and all abilities and neurodiversities and abilities

Welcome one and all!

   -  Anik√≥ Y. Lewis 

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Aniko Yazmin Lewis, M.Sc. in Counselling/Specialization in Clinical Mental Health.