Aniko Y. Lewis CEO

As a Life Coach, Consultant & Therapist, I am here to accompany you carefully through the process of embodying the change you may be wishing for.


Art Work by Helen Lack, "Hold My Hand" 2019, Mixed Media on Canvass.


have a Masters Degree in Poetry from Northwestern University in Evanston, and was an inspired, passionate educator for over 20 years teaching in the Arts and Humanities. I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as an undergrad, and worked in dance, film, theater and music since I was a young girl - and I love to write for the stage and screen and have my own podcast today - Minnie's Mana: MINNIE'S MANA

Philosophy is my first love and I have an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Loyola University in Chicago, and actively study and practice Eastern Philosophy. I am a poet, a dreamer and a social scientist. I have been influenced by beautiful ideas, powerful teachers and gifted therapists and a loving family or origin. I am of Jewish and Irish/American and European heritage.

I consider myself a Mystic in a Post-Mystic age - the Anthropocene. I believe in the power of dreams, imagination and intuition to help us to grow, to heal, to survive and to dance again! I trust in the profound shamanic space of the therapeutic alliance.

I graduated from Prescott College in Arizona in 2017, earning a Masters of Science in Counselling with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health. I am trained to support clients to climb out of depression, learn to love themselves more, find hope and joy, as well as to mourn and grieve and to heal. I am a somatic, nature-based, Jungian, culturally competent, wide-eyed therapist and coach working in homage to my own cultural healing traditions and contemporary best-practices in mental health care and recovery. I work with clients across the lifespan. 

I provide healing pathways through Therapy, Life Coaching and Consulting sessions for clients located in the US and internationally. I provide self-pay sessions as a Life Coach and Consultant by Video and/or phone. 

I provide Talk Therapy/Telehealth for clients residing in the State of Minnesota, under expert supervision in alliance with The Shani Project. THE SHANI PROJECT

My aim is to celebrate and protect what is most precious to you in this life - and it is my honor to dutifully engage in healing work with you.


   -  Anik√≥ 


Aniko Yazmin Lewis, M.Sc. in Counselling/Specialization in Clinical Mental Health.