Aniko Y. Lewis CEO

Art Work by Helen Lack, "Hold My Hand" 2019, Mixed Media on Canvass. Darling

My name is Anikó and I am a Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor, with a Masters of Science in Counseling from Prescott College, Arizona. I specialize in Clinical Mental Health therapy across the lifespan, and work with clients of all ages 6 and up.

My approach is to celebrate each person’s unique strengths and abilities for change and I believe whole-heartedly in the power of the therapeutic alliance in the process of therapy. 

My expertise is in working with a client’s own life stories, dreams, inner guides and intuition to gain insight into self and our relationships. I am delighted to bring a holistic and compassionate approach to providing mental health services. 

Social justice and n0n-violence matter to me. When I am not in session, I love writing new plays, playing music with my cherished friends and family, and spending precious moments in the inspiration of the natural world and learning in experiential ways, connecting with others. 

I am a poet, a dreamer and a social scientist and I have been influenced by beautiful ideas, honorable teachers and a loving family of origin. I am of Hungarian Jewish and Irish/American European heritage. 

   -  Anikó 


Aniko Yazmin Lewis, M.Sc. in Counselling/Specialization in Clinical Mental Health.